Red, purple, blue                                                     

Summer has come, people go out and bodies move around the city.

Red, purple, blue

On the streets,
lovers are dazzled by the sun,
glued to each other giving off a mix of sweat and cheerfulness.

Some would argue that their happiness is temporary, characteristic of an innocent age,
others would say with bitterness that it is only a matter of time before all of it fades away.
Dashing young minds able go to hell and back for that one person.

Red, purple blues

Others carry melancholy,
they look ahead without seeing.
Their eyes are open and yet closed to their surrounding:
they reflect loneliness.

When I look in those eyes
I see them,
I see myself.

Red, purple and blue have colored my summer so far.

Tomorrow I’ll go out.
I’ll go down to the river and start writing again,

I might even go back to the book I was reading.
I will take pictures and perhaps catch a glimpse of a lonely mess
in the reflection of my own loneliness.

Red, purple, blue